Meet Debony Wade

A longtime resident of Long Beach, Debony Wade has decades of experience representing hardworking families, protecting their rights, and creating opportunities to get ahead.

As Councilmember for the city of Long Beach, Debony has worked to bring together community members, unions, and local small businesses to get things done that improve quality of life for all residents while protecting taxpayer dollars.

Transforming Transportation

For several years, Debony Wade II, who is the President of the Council of Governments, has been the focal point that has enabled regional improvement, specifically when it comes to transportation. Providing significant impetus for the I-710 Corridor Project and enhancing public transit options, there is literally no stone being left unturned when it comes to transforming transportation in the city and around it.

Empowering Working Families

Being a former Aerospace Engineer, Debony understands how vital job opportunities are to families. He has taken steps that have enabled better jobs for people in the community. Debony has advocated economic development and initiatives that have directly resulted in better opportunities for the working middle class. His experience with bringing together unions and small businesses is invaluable in building a better working ecosystem for the district.

Enhancing Public Safety

Debony also serves on the City Council's Public Safety Committee, among other important responsibilities. He has pushed for increased funding for public safety and also helped bring awareness to the issue. Debony has brought forward several crime reduction strategies that have helped combat increased crime in all areas of the district.

Tackling Homelessness

One of the bigger problems in the district has definitely been increasing instances of homelessness in several neighborhoods. Taking a broader regional approach to homelessness, Debony has brought in several measures that are aimed at tackling the root of the problem rather than symptoms. Debony has represented Long Beach on the Gateway Cities Council of Governments, aimed at improving housing and economic development, among other subjects.

Improving Education

The lack of educational opportunities for all has had a lasting effect on the progress of today's youth. Debony has taken the lead on several programs aimed at providing better opportunities for kids across the board. These programs include the annual Back to School Summer Blast, during which over 1000 students can get free backpacks and school supplies.


Debony has played a central role in bringing accountability and transparency to the Long Beach communities of Bixby Knolls, Los Cerritos, and North Long Beach. Having authored and passed several government reforms aimed at increased access to information for the public. Debony has taken steps to prevent politicians from drawing their own district lines, ensuring a much more stable community.

Stronger Communities

One of the more encompassing goals for the district has been to create a stronger sense of community within. To ensure the safety of every individual in the district, Debony has tirelessly worked for effective gun control - taking the guns out of the hands of dangerous domestic abusers. He has also fought to improve funding for parks and community spaces and plans to build more open spaces.

Community Collaboration

The need of the hour for every district is to have a collaborative community that works together to solve common problems. Having played a major role in bringing together people through community initiatives and online public forums, Debony has fostered a sense of belonging in the district.

Opportunities for Youth

Debony has been central to several initiatives in the district that are aimed at the youth. This includes educational enrichment programs, youth mentorship initiatives, and support for after-school activities. Another notable program Debony is responsible for is the Share Your Heart, Share Your Home event, which promotes fostering and adoption.

Senior Advisory Committees

With the growing number of seniors, districts need to have a plan in place to ensure their engagement and enrichment. Debony has established a Senior Advisory Committee in the district. The committee provides several enrichment programs for seniors through the Expo Arts Center twice every week.